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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Read Aloud Thursday

Read-Aloud Thursday at Hope Is the WordRandomness this week - from the An-Ap section of the children's books. Proceed carefully, weed discriminately, and have fun. That seems to be the name of the game when you are loading up bags full of children's books. I don't look at the titles when I am filling up my library bag. I wait until I get home and sift through the pile there and we decide what we will read aloud and what will be a Mommy Only read. Here are some that we read aloud together this past week:

Elephants Aloft, by Kathi Appelt, was the Book Most Quickly Snatched Up by Bookworm1. When you open the front cover you discover Elephant Aunt Rwanda writing to her niece and nephew, Rama and Raja, asking them to come for a visit. Turn the page and you discover illustrator Keith Baker's dedication, "For Babar and Celeste and all the travelers of the world." From there on you travel with Rama and Raja on an almost wordless journey "IN" (a hotair balloon), "BETWEEN" (cliffs), "ACROSS" (the ocean), "BEYOND" (the rainbow). Each page spread contains a single word with the exception of the first page which gives the introduction to this story in the form of Aunt Rwanda's letter. The next most complex sentences comes at the very end when Rama and Raja arrive at their aunt's house and run into her arms.

Bookworm1 really hadn't paid attention to hotair balloons before, as they have previously had nothing whatsoever to do with animals. However, he paid attention to this book and enjoyed this elephant-style journey. Great book.

Another book about animals (are you taking note of our favorite theme around here?) is Animal 123's which is a World Wildlife Fund book. This book is pretty basic and simple. Each page has an imagine of a number and a correlating number of animals to accompany it with! It counts from 1 to 20, taking note of lemurs, pelicans, tree frogs, lions, ELEPHANTS, and giraffes. It's a pretty cute book which also utilized photographs to illustrate which I like very much. Another great book and a good way to count from 1-20.

Lastly, Bookworm1 didn't really get into Cowboy Dreams: Sleep Tight, Little Buckaroo (also by Kathi Applet), but I thought it was pretty cute. In this book we've got ourselves a little cowpoke who is gotta get ready for bed.

"Hang your hat upon the bedpost, hang a wish upon a star. There's a whippoorwill a callin' as the dusk turns into dark."

It's a gentle lullabye type of book, concluding with the following lines:

"She's set coyote callin', "Yip yip yaroo . . . yip yip yaroo!" Good night, good night, my darlin', happy trails, my buckaroo!"

If you've got a buckaroo of your own (and I'm thinking of my nephew here) you might want to track this one down. Pretty cute.

So here's our random assortment of the day! Enjoyed by either one or both of us, these caught our attention this time.


  1. These Kathi Appelt books sound great! So glad you're back this week, Carrie!

  2. I think Appelt is one of my new authors to look for! Thanks Carrie!