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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Read Aloud Thursday

Read-Aloud Thursday at Hope Is the WordThis week we've been reading through the A section at our library. As such, you'll notice that the things the following books have in common is that all of the last names of the authors end with the letter 'A'. Otherwise, the books are all quite different and unique!

Where Does the Trail Lead?, by Burton Albert reminds me of Prince Edward Island because it just feels so very peaceful and quiet.

In this book we meet an unnamed boy who is exploring the seaside on Summertime Island. He runs past trees, over the sand, and climbs on rocks exploring all of the things that make the seaside such a wonderful place to be.

There are lighthouses, surf waves and sunsets. It's a perfect fieldtrip on a calm and peaceful day. Loved it!

Here a Face, There a Face, by Arlene Alda is definitely unique and promotes a great deal of creativity and imagination. I think this book is brilliant in its simplicity and complex in what it requires of literal children.

Each page spread includes two pictures of everyday objects. On each object, children are encouraged to find a face. Sometimes you can see eyes and noses on tree stumps. You can get the basic idea from the cover art in which, if you use even just a litte bit of imagination, you can see eyes, a nose and a mouth from a sink faucet. As I said, brilliant. I expect we will check this book back out when we're a little older and proceed on a nature walk after we've finished reading through the book to inspire us as we explore the world around us. This book offers solid encouragement to look at old things in new ways. I love it!

Up the Mountain, by Charlotte Agell is a very simple and very charming book about a group of animals that are journeying up a mountainside. The day that they decide to travel up the mountain it turns out to be raining. However, that doesn't stop the animals. They decided to go walking anyway and perhaps get a little wet and a little muddy, but in the end their efforts are rewarded and they have a great time together.

The day turns into night and their explorations are concluded back in their lovely homes with a cup of hot chocolate. A quick and fun read!

Just One More?, by Nancy Markham Alberts is one that I have read before and thought it very cute.

This is the story of a mommy bear who is ushering her little one into bed and the little bear is trying to come up with excuses so as not to have to go to sleep. Can he climb just one more tree? Can he catch one more fish?

Furthermore, this book has a little bit of texture on each page making it a "Soft-to-Touch" book.

In rediscovering this book I also realized that the illustrator of this book is none other than my favorite animal illustrator, John Butler. (I've written about him once or twice over at 5 Minutes for Books.) I LOVE the way John Butler represents animals. Love it, love it! When I first read this book, I didn't know who John Butler was. Do not let the same thing happen to you. Find John Butler books. Read John Butler books. Love them! I sure do . . .

So these were just a few of the books that we read this past week, but they were some of our top favs.

What have you been reading aloud or enjoying this week? We'd love to hear about it! If you leave a link, I'm happy to go visit your site also.

Thanks for joining in with us today!


  1. 'Here a Face There a Face' sounds completely awesome. We're definitely going to look for that one around here!

    I like your new blog. Good luck!

    Janet @ Across the Page

  2. It always amazes me, Carrie, that other libraries have so many books I've never even seen!

    I'm with Janet--that Here a Face, There a Face book sounds awesome!

    Happy Read Aloud Thursday to you and yours, Carrie!

  3. These look like great books. I've written them down to find them at our local library! I love reading what others are reading.