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Reading My Library

Friday, October 30, 2009

Progress Report

Goal set for reading all of the children's picture books in our library:

Monday, September 28th

Progress as of today's date:

I've read (according to the last name of the author) Aa through As and am into the Ar's.

Total number of picture books read:


Average number of times I go to the library during the week:


Average number of books checked out per visit:


Favorite New-to-Me author I've discovered so far:

Jon Agee

Total amount of fines due so far:

$2.50 (but I think that had to do with some Reading Rainbow videos I forgot to return in time!)


  1. Is the date the day you made the goal? 282?! Holy Smokes, Batman! That's a lot of books!!!

    I'm a little put out with my library right now. 3 times in the last month I've returned books and the librarians reshelved them without checking them in. So then I had fines and felt like a real shmuck declaring my innocence that I did really return the book. Finally, after much drama, they discover the books in the stacks. Lesson learned: never return books in the drop slots. Always insist they be checked in immediately.

  2. LOL -- you can't talk about heavy library use without mentioning the fines!! I never mind paying up at all, because of all I get from the library.

    However, I had a playaway (a preloaded audiobook thing) out for I think just one day over, and the fine was hefty!!

  3. ONLY $2.50?!?!?!?!?! :-) You're doing goooood, girl! :-)