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Sunday, October 4, 2009


One of the greatest joys and blessing in life are children. I'm incredibly grateful for mine and I value books and materials that promote the idea that children are both wanted and special. One More Time, Mama, by Sue Alexander is one such book.

I was instantly delighted with this book when I read the dedication written by author Sue Alexander:

"This book is dedicated with love to my granddaughter Megan Elizabeth Finn, whose very existence fills me with joy."

This is the story of a mother and her little girl who wants to hear the story "One more time!" of how long she was waited for and how much her presence was desired.

It's an affirming story that this little girl is loved beyond her wildest of imaginations and that she was worth every bit of the wait.

One More Time, Mama is one from the pile that's worth making a note of.

Here is Bookworm1 at 9 weeks old. TOTALLY worth the wait!!!

Bookworm2 grew inside of someone else but the wait for him has been longer than our first. Is he worth the wait?

YOU BET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Pictures of him forthcoming.)

Was it hard to wait, Mama?
No, my love.
Why not, Mama? Tell me again one more time.

Because, my love, it was you I was waiting for. (emphasis mine)

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  1. This sounds like a great book! When we were expecting our second child, our oldest always wanted to hear stories about her own birth and our wait for her. We told the stories again and again, letting her know she was special and that she would continue to be special even after she took on her new role as big sister. Sounds like this would have been a great book to have had then--and a great book to find now! Thanks!