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Monday, October 26, 2009

Jack and the Dreamsack

Yes, it IS Monday. Yes we ARE starting another week. For some of us it may feel like a shorter/longer week than others but it's still the very start which brings elation, expectation and a mixture of weariness with it.

The same is true of the book Jack and the Dreamsack.

Ever wish you could stay awake in order to document your dreams? Jack does. In fact, he purposes to stay awake so that he can take note of everything he sees in his dreams -- much better than the "humdrum waking world." His dreams, it turns out, are fantastically interesting, being filled with pigs hatching from eggs, bluejeans for chairs, a mouse with wooden hair, leaping rivers and free trips to the zoo. Who would really want to wake up from such exciting adventures!?

Jack is disappointed when he wakes up and remembers that nothing that he saw when dreaming is real.

But what he does discover in the end that the best dreams are the ones that take place in the waking world. The dreams you dream when you are awake are the ones that go on and on. And some of those dreams can even be processed - or come to fruition! - on Mondays!

Jack and the Dreamsack, by Laurence Anholt (and I know I said we weren't going to talk about anymore books from the A-n section but I figured I'd be forgiven for this one!) is a treasure. I'd never heard of it before and I don't know whether or not you have. If you haven't yet, allow me the pleasure of the introduction...

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  1. And another book goes on the list.....
    So often after I hit your book blogs I hit my Amazon list next!
    I got 51 books at the library book sale this past weekend and was even one of them on my Need to Find list or wish list??