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Friday, October 16, 2009

Fun for Mommy

Hans Christian Anderson is still a LITTLE bit above the comprehension of Bookworm1. He'd much prefer a non-fiction book, to tell the truth, than a fiction one. Anderson seems to be more about concepts and Bookworm1 just wants to enjoy stories for the story sake. Anderson's stories DO give adults plenty to talk about though and I've really enjoyed revisiting some of these stories.

Two of my favorite Anderson stories are The Princess and the Pea and The Emperor's New Clothes. I enjoyed having these books in my library stack this past week and took pleasure in reading them all by my lonesome.

Reasons for liking The Princess and the Pea:

1. It's a princess story with some depth to it, kind of in keeping with MacDonald's tales (i.e., The Light Princess). It's a testing of personal character.

2. It's not a really DEEP testing of personal character but I still enjoy it all the same and have no other, if we must say so, deep reason for liking it. I just do.

Reasons for loving The Emperor's New Clothes:

1. Is there a good reason NOT to!? This book is a fabulous modern story tale that doesn't get enough airtime in my opinion. It can be related to politics, religion and any other taboo subject. (It's fantastic!)

2. I love how beautifully it illustrates truth. The adults in the story are too busy arguing with false logic, puffing themselves up and patting themselves on the back. It takes a little child to state the obvious, "But the emperor has nothing on at all!"

You might try to hide what is true or pretend something is otherwise, but eventually you will be found out. It may take a little child to state the obvious, but you can't pretend forever. That's what I love about this book. It's chalk full of meaning. I look forward to reading this book many times over as my kids grow up.

The copy of The Emperor's New Clothes that I picked up from the library was illustrated by Eve Tharlet and I have to say that I didn't particular enjoy the style of the illustrations. See below:

(It had nothing to do with Thartlet's artistic abilities.) I'd just rather pick up a different edition somewhere for our home library. Anyone have any suggestions of a particular edition of this book that you enjoyed?

Here's to Anderson and the wonderful memories he provided me with growing up, and for all of the memories yet to come. These books are timeless classics if ever books were!

1 comment:

  1. I don't enjoy The Princess and the Pea. It annoys me. Feel a pea through all of those mattresses and blankets? Guess I'm just too literal at times. :)

    Most days I feel like the little kid pointing out the obvious. I've almost decided it's just not worth the effort (or the response I receive).