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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Farewell A-n....

A small smattering and sampling of other books from the "A-n" stack.

If you have a child that is in any way drawn towards sealife, find a copy of this book! It's called Octopus, Oyster, Hermit Crab, Snail: A Poem of the Sea. Although the later half of the book is a poem, the first half just identifies different animals. Written and illustrated by Sara Anderson who has a colorful history as an artist, designing original pieces (of what I can't really say specifically) for companies such as Crate & Barrel and Target. (Not that Bookworm cares about those companies at all!)

In the copyright section of this book, Anderson says, "This is a panoramic introduction to the ocean and is not intended to be a reference to specific biosystems." Duly noted but that means little to nothing to my son for whom this book is a reference book and coverd a good number of ocean animals which are of great interest to him. A clown fish and anemone were even included! But perhaps the real thumbs up comes from the fact that Anderson named a lobster AND included a picture of a lobster on the same page. You might think that that is not a big deal but in one animal picture book that we own here at home, the author mentions a lobster in the story but there isn't one pictured. To that bookworm has declared, "I CAN'T BELIEVE there isn't a lobster!" So when we read the word "lobster" in Octopus, Oyster, we immediately verified that one really did bother to make an appearance. It passed the test with flying colors, satisfying all of our innermost desires to read about and look at various sea creatures.

Chuck's Truck, by Peggy Perry Andersonm reads like it's part tongue twister and part introductory phonics reader. A sample for you:

"This is Chuck. This is Chuck's truck. Chuck rides in his truck. The duck Luck rides in the truck with Chuck."

The story documents Chuck's travels to town where he gathers up a barnyard full of animals along the way and the story becomes more difficult for the adult to spit out and more hilarious for the toddler.

"So Sue and Lou and the goat Flo too, Nip and Tuck and the burro Buck, Fat Cat Pat and the workhorse Huck with the duck Luck, the chicken that goes "cluck," and Chuck..."

You get the picture. It's just simply hilarious, I tell you! If you think you'll like Chuck's Truck, you might also want to check out the sequel, Chuck's Band in which Chuck and all of his same barnyard friends begin playing musical instruments. Equally entertaining, I assure you.

Lastly, from one of my all-time favorite children's book publishers, Tiger Tales, comes the following which requires a teddy bear present for reading:

Seriously, don't skip out on having your teddy bear on hand for the reading of this story!

And now we will move on to A-p books and see what we find there!

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  1. Chuck's Truck sounds like it could be a little dangerous. But also a lot of fun.