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Reading My Library

Monday, September 28, 2009

Who I am

I'm a SAHM to two little boys, aged 3 and under 1.

I am a wife to a pretty fantastic guy who created this website for me because I asked. He tolerates (and loves!) me, my obsessions and the book piles around our house. (To clarify- I don't think he particularly cares for the book piles all over the house so I work to keep them contained.) Here is a picture of Jonathan and me:

I have a passion for reading which is really unhealthy at times, or so I'm told.

However, I've always subscribed to the following philosophies:

Beware of the man of one book.
~ Anonymous ~

Books are the legacies that a great genius leaves to mankind, which are delivered down from generation to generation as presents to the posterity of those who are yet unborn,
~ Joseph Addison ~

Of all the diversions of life, there is none so proper to fill up its empty spaces as the reading of useful and entertaining authors.
~ Joseph Addison ~

Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.
~ Joseph Addison ~

(I had to look up who Joseph Addison was. He made so many brilliant statements!)

It is well to read everything of something,and something of everything.
~ Lord Henry P. Brougham ~

My favorite authors are C.S. Lewis and Lucy Maud Montgomery. Please withhold any statements of illwill towards either of those most excellent story tellers if you would.

I'm a Christian and everything I read and process goes through that filter. I love everything that I do, unless it involves being kept in a confined space for more than thirty minutes or involves listening to someone chew with their mouth open. I'm not perfect but I follow someone who is and I invite you to journey along with me through faith, family and, of course, books!


  1. What a lovely photo! Great quotes and I especially love the Lewis one on your header.

  2. The book piles...my husband has given up on those ever disappearing!

    I used to teach high school English and had to endure years of hearing "John Steinbeck is an idiot." (He's one of my favorites.) I wish I had written your "no statements of illwill" rule on my chalkboard. Would have come in handy. :)

  3. hi! another Lewis and Montgomery fan here. I look forward to talking books with you.

  4. I love this idea. I remember trying to do this when I was a kid. I used to get to go to the library after school and I LOVED the children's section, it was so homey. I think I started doing this in about third grade. I can't imagine letting my kids do that alone these days.

    Anyhow, I never got all of the books read, but I did read all the ones with horses on them (horse books), dragons on them (fantasy), and planets on them (sci-fi). Then I went up a grade and the public library wasn't close enough to the school to do that anymore, but the school library was awesome, so I started reading all the biography and autobiographies there, then the mysteries, and the historical fiction.

    I still love to read children's books, even more than "grown-up" books, I think. You have a marvelous idea here. I look forward to checking out your posts.

  5. Just found your site. I love it! I also have a passion for books. I pray one day my library will out do Belle's from Beauty and the Beast :) My family laughs and tolerates all the book shelves. CS Lewis is also one of my all time favorites.


  6. Hi Carrie,

    I'm a writer and collector of picture books. I discovered your blog while searching for western themed titles. It's fun to meet someone who makes lists too. LOL! I look forward to following your adventure.


  7. Just found your blog today...SO grabbing your button! What a great idea! I have six my self...9 and under. We do lots of picture books...for fun and with our homeschooling! I'm marking my journey over at Simply Necessary (http://amypayson.wordpress.com/)and would love to participate in a challenge like this!