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Reading My Library

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I took my oldest to the library this morning to quickly unload and reload the bookbag. This time we hauled home 47 books with the assurance from the librarian that this was not at all unusual. Her record is checking out 100 books to one particular patron. I, however, do not have that large of a bookbag and if one hand must be available to guide my son with, then I am limited as to number. We walked away with 47 books this time.

The most interesting little note that I've stumbled across so far was inside of Catch That Goat!,by POLLY ALAKIJA.

This is a Barefoot Book which is a company I am very familiar with as offering most excellent story choices from a multicultural perspective. Since we have a multi-cultural family, this is something I have definitely taken note of. Truly, they have some pretty awesome books!

In case you are wondering (which I would assume you are!) it is a story involving a young girl who loses her goat in a market place. It's quite a crafy and clever little goat who ends up with various of the merchant's merchandise before he is finally caught. The story also involves counting down from 10 to 1 making it rather catchy and entertaining on many levels.

At any rate, the copyright for this book is on the very last page, instead of the very first as you would normally see. It is copyrighted 2002, by Polly Alakija with the following note:

"The moral right of Polly Alakija to be idenfied as the author and illustrator of this work has been asserted."
So don't forget it. POLLY ALAKIJA wrote Catch That Goat!.

More to come soon!

The adventure continues......... whee!!!

(This is a picture of my oldest and I at the pumpkin patch this past weekend.)

1 comment:

  1. You needn't be worried about checking out 47 books--I believe I hold my local library's title at 167 books checked out at a time.

    Our library policy states that "the number of items checked out on a patron's card may not exceed 150", but the librarian trusted that I had spoken the truth when I said I had just returned 17 books. She went ahead and checked me out the titles I wanted!